How does Scatterhome self-govern without a permanent government?



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    I really hope not, the level of drama that org politics has bred over the years is a regular reason for large groups leaving from what I've seen.
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    Indi said:
    Traveler said:
    When I first started playing and voting in Achaea, I thought to myself, "This is a MUD and we can do whatever we want - why don't we have a better voting system?" Like I'm sure there's reasons and it's more complicated than it may seem on surface, but it's worth consideration
    My understanding, and this is based on a faint memory I have of an article or conversation with Matt M. in the early 2000s (who I believe studied political science?) where he explained that the org political systems were intentionally 'flawed' to encourage and facilitate another level of conflict in the game.

    Sure, there have been times when that hasn't been fun, but the same can be said of every conflict system, whether pvp, social or whatever - I've generally found over the years that it's been more fun than not, which would make it a success.

    Matt of course might chime in and say that my memory is wrong and that I must have been tripping back then, in which case I apologise.

    True that I studied political science, and quite probably true that I said that, though I don't know what a "perfect" political system would mean, nor do I believe such a thing exists, insofar as perfect means very different things to different people.

    There's nothing wrong with ranked voting, or unranked voting - it's just a set of tradeoffs.
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    I guess, aside from simplicity what is the benefit of FPTP compared to a ranked system in the context of an IRE?

    The issues I've experienced are mostly around vote splitting and the encouragement of two-party systems (expressed elsewhere as cliques in my experience).

    Also, for context, Australian so IRV is the norm for me :P
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