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Plastic Pollution

KestrelKestrel Posts: 122Member ✭✭✭
Hey there,

If anyone's been ditching plastic straws lately in an effort to be more eco-friendly, I salute you, but just want to direct you to this article here.

I was pretty shocked to learn about it and think as many people as possible should be made aware. That's all!


  • RothareRothare Posts: 66Member ✭✭
    I dont know why this showed up towards the top for me, and wow! I just read the article and that is not what I expected. I feel bad for all those sea creatures out there :/
  • IndiIndi Posts: 82Member ✭✭
    Bumping this reminded me of this story:

    I wonder if they kept it up and hit their targets?
  • KestrelKestrel Posts: 122Member ✭✭✭
    Indi said:
    Bumping this reminded me of this story:

    I wonder if they kept it up and hit their targets?
    Yeah, I just checked and it looks like they have a few more affordable shoes, bikinis, gym clothes etc. in their Parley range of recycled ocean plastic. That's good to know! Though I wish it was their whole range and not just a portion of it, I assume the supply will rise as demand increases. Thanks for linking them.

    In the same vein I'm also a huge fan of Labante London right now; they make high fashion wallets and handbags out of recycled plastic bottles and have strong ethical policies and practices across the board. I bought a handbag and a purse from them and both have been serving me very well and garnering a lot of compliments.

    I was a little upset the other day when I heard someone using the 'one person can't make a difference' line in the context of environmentalism and I hope that's not the takeaway for anyone reading the article I linked in the OP. The dairy industry is already in crisis thanks to many one persons who've decided to collectively make a dent on demand for eco alternatives and there's no reason to think that plastic won't be headed the same way. Ditching plastic straws and supporting recycled plastic companies is absolutely the right thing to do, IMO; I linked the article not to discourage those who do so, but because I think it's important for those of us invested in the cause to identify other targets that should be tackled in order to maximise what we can do.

    I also didn't know any of the facts listed in that article until the day I posted it, at which point I promptly started sharing it with everyone I know.
  • IndiIndi Posts: 82Member ✭✭
    Diverging from the plastics talk, but funny times in Australia when primary school students are striking and calling politicians out as being weak-minded mushrooms (i.e. sitting in the dark ignoring the real world).

    This article is worth a look, even if just to read the signs in the photos. The prime minister said the students should concentrate on learning instead of being politically active, which gives a bit of context to some of the signs (such as "We'll be less activist if you'll be less shit")
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