You Make the Mob, S01E03: Occupation

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As outlined in the beginning of this project -- -- we are collaboratively creating an NPC to settle somewhere in Starmourn. So far we have voted on a bookish Amaian scholar - but that's just who she is, not necessarily what she does! So now we are selecting her occupation!

Next up we'll work on her personality... likes & dislikes, a vice or "fatal flaw," a catch phrase... we'll start with likes, so add some suggestions in the comments!

You Make the Mob, S01E03: Occupation 28 votes

7% 2 votes
zhubeast wrangler
28% 8 votes
prison guard
10% 3 votes
3% 1 vote
3% 1 vote
unemployed (she lost her job)
25% 7 votes
unemployed (she's independently wealthy)
21% 6 votes


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    Possible likes! Antiquated Technology, showy Cybernetics, causing trouble/pranks (maybe why she lost her job if that wins. esp. considering racial tendencies)
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    Ry'nari "music"
    Paper books vs. electronic
    The color purple
    Ancient earth memes

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    She's a zhubeast wrangler, but she really doesn't like zhu meat. Her fellow wranglers think she's nuts. Nuts, well she does like nuts. Nuts are her favorite. She likes to snack on [insert interesting alien word] nuts while she's doing research. Research? Yes, she likes to research, in her off hours, when the other wranglers are in the mess hall joking around and quaffing lapteth, she likes to sit in her little corner and read about the history and culture of other worlds.

    Sorry, maybe I got a little carried away. :pleased: 

    History and sociology, how historical events have impacted culture, and how culture has shaped historical events
    Is introverted, likes peace and quiet, prefers the company of one person to many

    zhu meat 

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    • Taking things apart (which she is absolutely terrible at putting back together again, despite her insistence otherwise.)
    • Drugs and alcohol. Lots and lots of drugs and alcohol. (She's usually on something or other, drinking to dull the pain of other people's stupidity and dropping space-acid for scholarly inspiration.)

    • Hugs. And germs. Keep your dirty paws off of her.
    • People in general. (She finds most people annoying, stupid and myopic, since they're incapable of comprehending her vast genius or appreciating her scholarly pursuits.)
    • Anyone who isn't Amaian, particularly if they function best on dry land and/or can't swim. (She's racist.)
    • 'The Establishment.' Which includes all cities, religions, player orgs, economic systems, forms of employment, her boss if she has one, etc. She's a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

    "They are elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty."
    — Oscar Wilde

    "I'll take care of it, Luke said. And because he said it instead of her, I knew he meant kill. That is what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an it, where none was before."
    — Margaret Atwood

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    And we have ourselves a zhubeast wrangler!

    accountant 8% 2 votes
    zhubeast wrangler 32% 8 votes
    prison guard 12% 3 votes
    soldier 0% 0 votes
    librarian 4% 1 vote
    unemployed (she lost her job) 24% 6 votes
    unemployed (she's independently wealthy) 20% 5 votes

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