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Announcements post #499: A Tentative Invitation from the Ibyssian Brotherhood'

From: Marra
Subject: A Tentative Invitation from the Ibyssian Brotherhood'

Hello hello, my dear inquisitives and loreseekers!

A big thank-you to Picram and Shunvaz for inspiring our little recommended playtime event!
After conducting a very newbie-friendly overview of Starmourn's modern history, Picram and guests were given an open invitation to meet with Ambassador Mhoyul, to learn about the mysterious Ibyssian Brotherhood straight from the space-whale-diplomat's mouth. This was a rare opportunity to engage directly with one of the most ancient living races, and we on the admin team had a lot of fun letting some old secrets slip.

As a result of this player-driven event, we've released a new zone - on the oceanic homeworld of the mysterious Lha Ti no less. If you'd like to check it out the new areas on Ghenla, you can access them via Rensu Station. Just be aware of the dangers; remember, the Ibyssian Brotherhood is seldom appreciative of outsiders, so I hope everyone is on their best behavior!

There are some dangers here - players might consider it a suitable alien hunting ground for MIL50 characters.

While Ambassador Mhoyul has returned to the deeps, future visitors can speak with one of her peers - Ambassador Ylexei - for a little more info about each of the races that make up the exotic and isolated Ibyssian Brotherhood.

See you at the next one!
With love,
Argus and Marra
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