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Announcements post #497: New Feature: UPCOMING.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: New Feature: UPCOMING.

Up and coming, it's... UPCOMING!

As suggested by Atavaska on Discord, Elan has masterfully implemented a new feature for Starmourn which allows players to schedule and view upcoming events in-game.

Type UPCOMING to check out the syntax or read HELP UPCOMING for more info about how you can use this function and/or purchase the power for your organization.

If you have an event idea that you'd like to be posted outside of your org for any and all players to join, please message myself or Marra so that we can create it for you. Otherwise all events will need to be tethered to a Faction, Dynasty, or Clan.

Keep those events a-comin', Starmourn!

Your Admin Team
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