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Announcements post #496: A New Age of Discovery.

From: Marra
Subject: A New Age of Discovery.

This one goes out to our professorial pundits and curatorial collectors!

After much tinkering, we are delighted to announce -significant- adjustments to both the way progress towards Discoveries is awarded, and how much research is needed to reach each Discovery. This means that you can expect to unlock new Discoveries much, much more quickly. While I won't get into the specifics - pay no attention to the feracht behind the curtain! - I can say that it's now in a much more realistic place for our community to achieve together.

It has been so wonderful to see you roleplaying solo or in groups to express your characters against the backdrop of the backrooms, and now, we hope that your characters find enrichment in the Discoveries of the past be they great or small.

Remember; no touching the exhibits, no licking the antiquities, and absolutely no canoodling in the staff room!
Or do. I'm a hallucination, not a cop.
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