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Announcements post #494: New XENOLIST Command.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: New XENOLIST Command.

Hey Sector!

Shout out to Senzei for implementing a new idea from the Discord: XENOLIST

Players can now type XENOLIST to get a full debriefing on Fantom's records of the active Xenobeasts roaming the sector, including the Name, Area, and Class ranking. Those with the FANTOM_INTEL artifact power will also see their Affixes.

If you're ready to take on one of these powerful beasts, choose one from the list and then WALK TO <XENONAME>. Be mindful that Xenobeasts are known for being aggro and may attack on sight.

For more information, check out HELP FANTOM.

Thank you for all you do to keep the Sector safe from these beasts!

Your Starmourn Admin Team
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