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Announcements post #493: Costumes and Clouds.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Costumes and Clouds.

Hey Sector!

As voted on Discord, I've create a new set of ship furnishings for purchase on Iota Station. The theme is: Clouds!

Check the public news boards for more info from the shop's purveyor, and shoot me a message if you have an idea for a future set of furnishing options.

Additionally, I've added a new design pattern: Costume

Costumes will trend every October, so start thinking about what you want to see! While these player-made costumes will not have the same masking or miscellaneous functionality as promo costumes, we hope you'll all flex your creativity in making fun costumes for your fellow spacers to wear.

If you're not already in the Discord, feel free to join in so you can be part of future pop up surveys and idea sharing! The link is available on our website at

Thanks for the inspo while I took a wee break from the tutorial. Back to the grind for now!

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