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Announcements post #486: Make Your Mark! Tutorial Update.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Make Your Mark! Tutorial Update.

The stars have aligned -

Work is progressing nicely with the new tutorial area and we're getting very excited about this new cast of characters having their chance to meet all of you!

In the spirit of keeping y'all in the development loop, we've decided to offer all of our current players the chance to participate in this project in one of two ways:

Racial Greetings
Submit your ideas for a racial greeting and/or farewell that will be solidified in lore. The W'hoorn are known for speaking of "fair winds", so an example for them might look like "May fair winds find you." for a farewell statement.

Tutorial NPC
Submit your ideas for an NPC character that players will be able to interact with in the tutorial. Your submission should include the character's name, some hints at their backstory, and their full description (physical features, clothing, demeanor).

The character should be generally friendly, can be any race, and should have one of the following specialties: Historian, Archaeologist, Performer, or Scientist.

Again, we're working full-steam ahead so SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY SYNC ON MARCH 8th! Otherwise we'll finish drafting these and continue on to the next step.

You can submit your ideas for racial greetings by messaging Argus in game with the text. For NPC ideas, please message Argus with a pastebin link.

Submissions are subject to admin review and approval and may be edited before being implemented. Not all submissions will be used, but all will be reviewed and appreciated!

We look forward to seeing what y'all come up with!

The Starmourn Dev Team <3
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