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Announcements post #484: Join Us: Winners Are In!

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Join Us: Winners Are In!

Hey spacers- Thank you all for everything you've contributed to the game this past year and for participating in the NY Commendation process so that we can celebrate you!

Join us in just a few hours at 22:00 GMT to celebrate in /style/! Head to the main hub of Omni Station and enter IN to the venue when time begins.

We'll be celebrating with some special confections, sending out fanmail to our nominees and trophies to the winners, and then with a quick round table where y'all can talk to us Admin folks in-game.

This is an Out Of Character (OOC) event and our chance to be present as our admin characters to tell you all how much we appreciate you. We're really looking forward to it and hope you are too!

Your Starmourn Admin Team
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