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Announcements post #483: OPEN: 2023 New Years Commendation Referendums.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: OPEN: 2023 New Years Commendation Referendums.

Hey Sector!

The 2023 New Years Commendation referendums are now open! Please take a moment over the next 7 days to consult referendums 329 to 346 to help us decide the winners of each category.

REFERENDUM LIST will show you all the open referendums.
REFERENDUM <#> SHOW will show you some more information about a particular one, as well as the nominees.
REFERENDUM <X> VOTE FOR <x> to cast your vote!

Keep in mind that this contest and voting is all OOC, so you should not campaign for your character or discuss the contest with other players in-game. For more information about how referendums work in Starmourn, check out HELP REFERENDUMS.

We will get busy sending out the trophies, fanmail, and bound credit rewards for winners and nominees when referendums close next Friday, January 12th, at sync. A reminder is also active in the Discord as an event for those of you who'd like some extra remembering support. If you haven't already joined, click here:

To celebrate this year's winners in style, join us for a rare OOC recommended play time of Saturday, January 13th at 22:00, GST (Sync -2). An event for this is -also- active in the Discord.

Every vote counts, so get to reading!
Your Starmourn Admin Team
Neritus, Argus, Marra, Senzei, Elan, Kauka, Figment, and Ferenzi
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