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Announcements post #482: Promo Market Changes.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Promo Market Changes.

Good morning, folks~

Thanks to some awesome code crunching by Senzei, our first 2024 project is already complete! You now have access to purchase any promo item from Starmourn history for a credit value via the revised PROMO syntax-

PROMO RECORDS has a new header, but most of the commands are the same. It includes the syntax you'll use to view promo items, check the items you currently own, and then either tradein the promo item or **purchase new promo items for credits directly from the manufacturer (the game). The syntax looks like:

Promo Records
PROMO LIST List all promo items.
PROMO LIST [<filter>|MINE] List promo items or list all owned.
PROMO SHOW <ID> Show info about a promo item.
PROMO TRADEIN <item#> Trade-in a promo item you own.
PROMO BUY <ID> Purchase a promo item directly.

The Player PROMO MARKET is where you can buy and sell promo items between spacers for marks -or- credits. In this market, players will set the prices for their own goods and list them for sale, then other players can purchase for the agreed upon rate. The syntax looks like:

Player Promo Market
PROMO MARKET LIST [<filter<|MINE] List items for sale on the promo market.
PROMO MARKET SHOW <id> Inspect an item that is for sale.
PROMO MARKET SELL <item#> <price> Sell a promo item on the market.
PROMO MARKET DELIST <id> Delist one of your entries from the market.
PROMO MARKET BUY <id> Buy listing # from the promo market.

If there are any items that SHOULD be in the promo catalog but are not listed right now, feel free to shoot me a message or bug it so we can get a promo record created.

We're also going to be looking to make many of these items available in-game for marks values, so don't worry if you haven't re-stocked your daily credits just yet.

Big thank you to Neritus for the initial system set-up and to Senzei for bringing this across the finish line for us!! This was one of our last big goals for the Legacy transition and we're thrilled to see it go live for y'all.

Happy promo-ing!
Your Starmourn Admin Team
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