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Announcements post #479: New Year Commendations 2023.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: New Year Commendations 2023.

Hello again, Starmourners!

New Years Commendations are an annual tradition in the Starmourn sector, and this year is no exception! There are so many unique characters, perspectives, and plots going on that sometimes it's hard to keep up, but we know for a fact that YOU are what makes the game great, and we want to celebrate that!

To participate, we ask that you fill out a nomination form which is available in HELP 17.1 or on pastebin at (password: LJi2B2XJiz). Please copy and paste the form into pastebin or a google doc, complete your submission notes, and send it via in-game message or Discord to Argus by JANUARY 3RD, 2024 AT SYNC!

After submissions close, we'll audit through to pull all the nominees and consolidate write-in categories as applicable. Once that's done, we'll put all of it back up in-game as public referendums so that you, the players, can vote on the final list. Referendums will be posted on January 6th and will be up for a week so you have time to make your final votes.

A few rules and details
- You cannot nominate or vote for yourself.

- Spacers can win an award again this year even if they won it last year. If you consistently rock it in a category, you should be able to hold onto that.

- Spacers will receive 1 credit for each person they nominate in their submission, up to 10 credits. Shout out your fellow players and get rewarded!

- Everyone who is NOMINATED in any category, including write-ins, will receive a prize of 10 credits per nomination category, up to a max of 50 credits.

- The WINNER of any write-in category will be determined by player vote via referendum, after the nomination phase, and will receive a trophy in addition to their nomination credits.

- WINNERS of the big main categories will be determined by player vote via referendum, after the nomination phase, and will receive a trophy and another slightly bigger prize in addition to their nomination credits.

- Anyone who is sent WARM FUZZIES will also receive fan mail with any kind words submitted for them, so don't be shy, folks!

Main Nomination Categories
* Roleplaying - Who has impacted the landscape of the game the most? Who has stuck to their roleplay the longest? Who have you had the best roleplaying interactions with personally? Interpret it how you want, but this category is for roleplay!

* Trading/Design - Who has made the most fun designs? Roleplayed being an artisan most convincingly? Interpret it how you want, but this category is for designers and traders.

* Mining/Manufacturing - Who has made their living from manufacturing, mining, and scooping? Who do you think of first when you think of these things?

* Hacking - Somewhat self explanatory, but who do you think the best hacker is? Most notorious? Most recognizable? Most stylish?

* Captaincy - Who is the best at tackling incursions, cosmpiercers, space PVP, pirates, space stuff in general? Interpret it how you want, but tell us who you think of when you think of Admirals!

* Bashing/EXP - Because it's a different sort of thing than combat, who has spent the most time mindlessly killing things, or who do you think of when you think of the top/best bashers?

* Combat/PVP - Arena, caches, cosmpiercers, bounty hunters... who do you think of when you think of people willing to throw down?

* Performance - Who is the most iconic, most unique, most tenacious, most...? Interpret it how you want, but this category is for performances of all types!

* Classes - You can vote for one of each class - Who do you think screams Fury, Scoundrel, Beast, Nanoseer and Engineer? Whether it's by representing their class through roleplay the best, or just being a damn good example of their class. Interpret how you want to, but tell us your favorite spacer of each class!

* Most Helpful - Thinking specifically of newbies and other players in need, who always goes out of their way to help those who need it with advice, money, or anything else, including helping attract and keep new players?

* Rookie of the Year - Someone who came into the game with such passion, such pizzazz, that you believe they deserve an award.

* Excavator Extraordinaire - An archaeology enthusiast who's either contributed significantly to dig sites, coordinated efforts as a curator, or completed some truly ingenious research sessions.

Write In Categories
We also accept write-in categories for more specific things, which can be either IC or OOC. Some classics from previous years include: Best Event Planner, Fashionista, Best Flogger Account, Best Physical Shop, Dies the Most, Dies the Least, Most Prolific Xenohunter, Most Generous. (If players submit categories that are very similar, we may combine them and the nominees!)

Players can submit a total of five write-in categories with their suggestions for any nominee names. For example, you could submit "Most likely to lick random things" with a list of your top three nominees in that area. These are mostly for fun, and because we know there are lots of small areas where people shine that might not be represented in these "broad" categories.

Warm 'n Fuzzies
You can also submit nice notes (anonymous unless you ask to be named) along with your votes for either the main or the sub-categories, which will be sent along to the nominee. This whole thing is really about making other players feel warm and fuzzy and appreciated. If you have enjoyed your time playing with someone in the game, let them know!

Admin/Storyteller characters can be nominated in special write-in categories or written nice notes, but will obviously not be receiving any special prizes for their work as admin - that's their job! This is just a nice way you can tell the staff thank you for their hard work, if you want to.

And finally, if you have any other write-in categories for NPCs or other things in Starmourn, you are totally allowed to suggest those as well. This is great for us because it lets us know what NPC interactions people are enjoying.

This is our opportunity to do something special to celebrate you - the players that make the game what it is. Have fun, and share the love! If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to contact us.

Your Starmourn Admin Team <3
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