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Announcements post #476: It's time for WINTERFLAME 2023.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: It's time for WINTERFLAME 2023.

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to another brisk Winterflame in the Starmourn Sector! We'll let Rohna share some more news of the festivities with you soon, but a few admin things to make note of-

Firstly, now that we are in Legacy Mode, we've made the decision to make Giftcatchers available for purchase in the Winterflame Fairgrounds with marks and credits earned in game. You will *not* be able to purchase them through the website, so we hope this still gives our players the chance to participate in a much loved tradition.

We have also given Rohna a hefty supply of rainbow presents, and she's so excited to share them! Every player who greets her this Winterflame season will receive one rainbow gift which they can either open themselves, or open in a group to share the riches with everyone present. (We'd encourage the latter)

Ironbeard will resume his orbital giftgiving bombardment of various planets in the sector shortly; be sure to keep an eye on the sky and stay in the line of fire when you're travelling to major homeworlds. You can receive up to one [1] gift each day, ranging in value from a few hundred marks to another rainbow present!

A transport is available on Omni Station which will take you to the Tosmar Reserve. Head NE until you meet Montos Dath and he'll take it from there!

For now, head to the fairgrounds to enjoy the snowmounds, start a snowball fight, make some snowmen (be sure to PUSH mounds and snowmen), learn about Winterflame, and get accustomed to the cold climate. You can also now SNOWANGEL SNOWMOUND to make snow angels and give yourself a sparkly little EFFECT.

We've been hard at work behind the scenes on a few more releases to share with you before the month ends. For those hoping for a hint - Check out the fairground wares.

Be wonderful to each other this Winterflame!

- The Starmourn Admin Team
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