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Announcements post #475: Winners of Scare the Storytellers 2023!

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Winners of Scare the Storytellers 2023!

Attention ghouls and ghastly frights of the sector,

We are SO grateful to everyone who participated in Scare the Storytellers 2023!

While shaking in our boots, we managed to survive reading the stories and also think critically about which one caused the most emotional distress...

Without further ado, our first place winner is... PICRAM! For its horrifying story of The Lys which is, in a sense, the opposite of the Tal and is said to make Decheerans leave their groves, often causing as much suffering as possible in the process, to pull them towards the dark side of Atria, where their bodies and their sanity will wither under the perpetual darkness.

And second place is... POET! For her accounts of the Jin lessons of Arrick the Everdying who is stuck in a tiny box in the depths of space, unable to meet the void.

Special mention to Stelil and Adazy for their entries which will also be posted to the wiki for late night scary story sessions.

Check them all out here:

We will be in touch regarding your prizes and look forward to adding these tales of woe to the Starmourn canon. Thank you again!

Stay spoopy, spacers. Next up - Winterflame!
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