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Announcements post #474: Scare the Storytellers Countdown.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Scare the Storytellers Countdown.

We've got about ~24 hours left until submissions close for Scare The Storytellers 2023! Check out ANNOUNCEMENTS 472 for all the good details, but I'll re-list the important bits below -

1. Who you play/what your character name is.

2. A name for your horror
i.e. "The Foogu, slime monster of Benu Wen"

3. A description of your horror
i.e. "The Foogu is a massive horror of ever-increasing size and amorphous shape made of viscous, ambulatory slime. Fungus and moss grows liberally upon it, making it impossible to detect when walking in dark forests until you are already consumed."

4. A backstory to explain why this is scary to your character's race.
i.e. "Said to have been grown from unstable molecules that escaped from a laboratory of W'hoorn scientists several centuries ago, tales of The Foogu and its rise to sentience are used liberally by W'hoorn parents to make their children mind them and stay close to home. Rumor has it that those lost in the woods are absorbed by the Foogu, but don't die, remaining in a fully aware, hellish stasis, used as nutrient batteries for the monster's continued existence. Though no definitive proof of the Foogu's existence has ever been found, a plethora of photographs and grainy video footage can be found on the commsphere."

- - - - - -
- Your entry must include ALL required information detailed above.
- One entry per player.
- Collaboration is ok, but only the person who submits the entry can win the prize.
- Player must be currently playing a character of the race they are writing about. We're operating on the honor code here If you submit an entry, you should be committed to that race's RP in game.
- No stories or creepypastas lifted directly from current Earth culture. Taking inspiration is fine, but the final product should be unique and wholly yours.

- - - - - -
Entries should be sent as a Pastebin or Google Doc link to Argus in game and will be shared among game staff for judging, crying, and screaming in terror not necessarily in that order. Your deadline is 11:59pm EST on October 31st. We'll take a couple days to decide, then announce the winner!

You are welcome, though not required, to use this entry form:

Keep it spoopy, Starmourners!
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