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Announcements post #471: Upcoming Port Change.

From: Garryn, the Reshaper
Subject: Upcoming Port Change.


Starting next week, the two legacy-mode games - Starmourn and Imperian - will start sharing a single machine. This should be largely invisible to you, but one consequence is that you may need to adjust the connection info in your client.

* If you are using the IRE-provided Nexus client, you do not need to do anything, Nexus will know where to find the game.

* If you are using any third-party client (Mudlet, cMUD, plain telnet, etc), you will need to adjust the connection settings. Instead of port 23 (or 2323), you will need to connect to port 3000.

The new port is already active, so you can adjust your settings right now. The old port will stop working next week.

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