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Announcements post #469: Event Inbound Battle of the Bands!

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Event Inbound Battle of the Bands!

ATTENTION SPACERS! The Battle... Is... ON!

Performing has always been an artform in the Sector, and this month we want to draw some extra attention to it.

Keep your eyes on the Flogger feeds for updates on the #BattleOfTheBands #PressTour as the sector's favorite NPC bands head out to the different bars across the sector to meet and greet their favorite fans. Get to know the bands a bit and choose who you'll be supporting in the final event!

The roster includes many of your favorites: The Daughters of Ur, Elan and the Elgans, The Shentones, Song City Hippies, Space Rogues, Talking Tukkav, and The Vurboks!

For those of you with bands of your own, send a message to Argus for more information about how you can compete against these groups for your very own prize and a slice of the Fame 'n Fortune Prize. *wink, wink, dear reader*

Party on, rockers!

Argus, the tiniest feracht
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