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Announcements post #462: COSMPIERCER TRADEIN shop now open.

From: Neritus
Subject: COSMPIERCER TRADEIN shop now open.

Hi all!

As per Gun Gunnerson X's recent post on Public, the previously-discussed COSMPIERCER TRADEIN mechanic is now available.

- Travel to v15156 on Iota Station and COSMPIERCER TRADEIN <crystal|ALL>, converting crystals into Ta-deth charge tradein credits.
- COSMPIERCER POWERS indicates how much of such credits are required to purchase an item of a given ability.
- You can view your current credit count using COSMPIERCER TRADEIN STATUS, and in the room above you simply COSMPIERCER TRADEIN PURCHASE <ability>.

HELP COSMPIERCERS has been updated to include this information!

Take care,
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