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Announcements post #457: I'm a bit of an archaeologist, myself.

From: Neritus
Subject: I'm a bit of an archaeologist, myself.

Hello all!

As promised, it's now mid-month and we have THREE new wildernesses now available for Archaeology: Locorin, Atria, and Siva River. We're very excited for you all to learn all about the secrets buried on these homeworlds... in time.

Speaking of time, we are still tuning the overall pace of Archaeology! In the background we've been running some tests to help us land on the perfect number of fossils and fragments to seed and at a sustainable pace, which balances your enjoyment with the amount of work that goes in to writing each find!

For now, however, we want to help you all kickstart your museum collections. As such, we're running a bit of an Archaeology promotion period, in which the Quality of all finds will be been DOUBLED (up to the existing maximum Quality of 100). This should help you all build up your DNA sequences quite a bit faster! There is also no longer a chance of only finding only 1 find, which was previously the case if the find was a rare one.

Lastly, just a forewarning: at Sync, Mission Control will reset, so keep that in mind if you plan on doing some sharpshooting close to Sync!

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