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Announcements post #455: A future in ruins.

From: Neritus
Subject: A future in ruins.

Hello, Sector!

Archaeology is now LIVE! I'll keep this post as brief as possible, and direct you towards HELP ARCHAEOLOGY, HELP MUSEUMS, and HELP RESEARCH for more information about this exciting new system. If you'd like to get started, head to a Museum and speak with the NPC curators!

We have prepared 4 planets for archaeological investigation, with more on the way mid-month, and ever more as we proceed through the months. Every find tells a unique story, revealing something of a planet's lore. But an item can seldom fully divulge the secrets of the past. It will be up to you to weave understanding through dedicated examination, study, and conjecture.

A HUGE shout out to Argus and Marra, who have been dedicated through the whole journey. For months now it seems not a day went by when they weren't diving into writing. Hats off to Figment as well for contributing a few finds and Kauka for batting around different ideas. And a big thanks to our Worldbuilding team for helping get more done than we thought possible!

Now, we'll head over to Promotions to discuss this month's Mission Control!

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