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Announcements post #453: On A Station Far, Far Away.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: On A Station Far, Far Away.

Hey Starmourners!

As you probably noticed in the Promo Post, we wanted to create new shops to enhance your flying experience and further facilitate RP through functional items in addition to the array of promo offerings this month.

Let's do a quick meet 'n greet before you head over!

- - - - - -
Don't let his skull-face mislead you! A friendly Bushraki looking to make his way in the sector, Brinlan is adept at cybernetic modifications and has put these skills to work as a creator of custom droids in his shop 'Bots 'n Pieces'. Though they don't have any function out in space, these droids will operate as purchasable pets who can even wear accessories. Be sure to maintain them so they don't fall apart!

- - - - - -
The first Techeeran makes its way into the Starmourn sector at 'Baubles 'n Wobbles', and it's really enjoying these new trends! Grab some of the basics or treat yourself to a rotating array of thematic wares. We're opening the season with a... Drum roll please... RUSTIC BRONCAYO-BOY THEME!

Valen Siwe
- - - - - -
You might find it tough to get ahold of him at first, but Valen's your guy for all things STATION aboard your ship at the aptly named shop 'To Your Stations'. This Ry'nari has been hard at work crafting custom stations your passengers can use while you fly the ship, whether they're manipulating the holomap, executing a faraway target, or simply mixing up potions to drink (or chuck at you). To be helpful, of course. No chaos here.

A huge thank you to Marra for their endless creativity with the rotating wares and masterminding Voltrannath's photovoltaic form. I'm as excited as all of you to see what will hit the rotating thematics next!

All that to say, head on over to Iota to meet this collection of new figures yourself and complete your first wave of ship upgrades! We hope you love 'em. <3

Paws tippy tappin' away,
Argus, the tiniest feracht
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