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Announcements post #450: Meet our new team members!

From: Neritus
Subject: Meet our new team members!

Hello Sector!

We have some brand new faces up here in admin land. Perhaps you've noticed more of your bugs getting resolved than normal, perhaps you've seen some new admin faces on Newbie. Well, they've all graduated out of the role of new Cadet and are now settling in to their new roles! Our new team members are:

Elan, Coder: "Writing is hard. Code is EZPZ."
Figment, Coder: "Since Neritus has the whole Ishvana angle handled, I'm here to overwhelm the sector with Cleax."
Kauka, Starmaker: "Given the choice, choose kindness, it is a decision rarely regretted."

Elan and Figment will be helping me with the source code, whereas for Kauka we have reprised and revised an older volunteer role from pre-Beta: Starmaker. Starmakers are less involved in RP and creative writing than Storytellers are, but more involved in the more technical parts involved in our administrative backend!

Everybody give a warm, Starmourn welcome to our new team members!

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