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Announcements post #449: It's time to GET TRENDY.

From: Neritus
Subject: It's time to GET TRENDY.

Sector, Starmourn is Trending!

Designers all around the Sector, it's time to get trendy! If you've been up with our blog, you'll know that today marks the release of our new Design Trend system, as well as some changes to shop denizen sales. If you're not up with it, or you want to learn how to navigate the new system, check out HELP TRENDS and HELP DENIZEN SALES!

Scattered across the Sector, you will also find 18 new tradeskill tutor NPCs -- all with their own unique personalities -- ready to grant you the design quest which was previously found only on shop assistants. To find the tutors, have a look at the new HELP DESIGN QUEST!

Here are some changes to the quest, overall:
- The single quest has been split into 6 different quests, one for each skill. This means you can attempt multiple quests simultaneously now to accelerate your experience gain, one for each skill!
- XP reward from the quest is still based on percentage to next level, but its percentage is now scales up the lower level you are.
- Marks rewards from the quest have been normalized, as previously there was a huge disparity between the tradeskills on how many marks the quest generated. It will still offset design craft costs, but otherwise the marks reward is now static.

Stay trendy, Starmourn
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