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Announcements post #446: KRELLSTONES!

From: Neritus

Hello Sector!

I hope you're ready for some KRELLSTONES!

Haxley's Gifts & Collectibles on Biloxan is now stocked with Krellstone starter kits which contain everything you need to start playing. There, you'll also find a Modern Krellstones dispenser which you can PUSH to purchase additional gaming materials to expand your collection!

To learn how to play, check out HELP KRELLSTONES.

Make sure to file BUGs if you notice anything off!

And one last thing: Betting marks on Krellstones games will be disabled for now, until we're sure that the system is stable and won't cause your marks to evaporate. Feel free to free-form handle your wagers if you want to do that, in the meantime!

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