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Announcements post #444: Mini(?) Game playtests, and a new space structure.

From: Neritus
Subject: Mini(?) Game playtests, and a new space structure.

Hello Sector!

Over the next week we will be conducting playtests of two new minigames: Krellstones (HELP KRELLSTONES), a dice-building game all about wits and pushing your luck, and Ship Racing (HELP RACING), which is just like it sounds.

These two minigames will be released February 1 or slightly earlier, critical issues that may come up during playtests notwithstanding.

We will make system announcements when we are ready to conduct a playtest, and for which minigame the test will apply to.

With Ship Racing also comes our third buildable space structure: Checkpoints. Checkpoints work a bit differently from the other two structures: They do not have docking, market access, modules, or commodity storage. Since they do not have storage, they cannot be repaired, and will simply fall out of space after 100 RL days, with a portion of the core materials recovered to your home station as if you had DISSASEMBLEd them.

Players can have a maximum of 4 Checkpoints each, and we are once again extending the offer to Factions: Each faction may build 4 checkpoints in factional space, designate it to faction, and file an ISSUE to have your ownership stripped. This will also make the structure not take damage, and thus permanent.

At the moment, you are able to build the Checkpoint structure cores, but you will not be able to PLACE them until the system's full release. So you can use this interim period to queue up your production.

Checkpoints also introduce a new command in structure placement: STRUCTURE PLACE ROTATE. Checkpoints have 4 different layout variations which you can rotate between.

HELP STRUCTURES has been updated with this new information.

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