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Announcements post #442: Hack Dungeon Chapter One.

From: Argus, the Tiniest Feracht
Subject: Hack Dungeon Chapter One.

Hey spacers, it's me, Argus.

I'm so so so excited to announce the first chapter of an ongoing project of mine - The first proper Hack Dungeon / extended quest in Starmourn revolving entirely around hacking! This is the first project I pitched to Eukelade when I joined the ST team, and it breaks a whole lot of convention.

Some of you have already interacted with it, but there is now a Crake Bot on Omni whose Creator has charged it with finding help investigating some ancient terminals located around the sector. To get a head start, head to the Coriolis Mountains - Specifically to 'Sim address v5697.

Your mission is this: Find the terminals, hack them, and report back to a mysterious scientist with your findings. I'm sure you'll find these terminals have been much more active than appearances would lead you to believe.

The team and I have done a lot of testing on this in my little workshop, but it's 1000% possible there will be bugs out in the wild, much like the one that totally broke it at first! Please report any issues or breaks you notice so we can fix 'em up.

I hope you have a wonderful time exploring it and drawing all sorts of conclusions from this first chapter. If y'all like it, there's certainly more to say, show, and do!

Paws pit-patting with nerves and excitement,
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