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Announcements post #439: New Year's Commendations 2023 Referendums now open!

From: Neritus
Subject: New Year's Commendations 2023 Referendums now open!

Hi all!

Over the next 40 hours, please do take a moment to consult referendums 295 to 314 to help us decide the winners of each category of the 2023 New Year's Commendations!

REFERENDUM LIST will show you all the open referendums.
REFERENDUM <#> SHOW will show you some more information about a particular one, as well as the nominees.
REFERENDUM <X> VOTE FOR <x> to cast your vote!

We will get busy doling out the trophies as well as the bound credit rewards for winners and nominees when referendums close!

Note that we've decided to include winners from last year's Commendations if they were nominated again, since many of you nominated them and reconstructing last year's commendation winners was not possible in all cases.

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