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Announcements post #438: Winterflame quest rewards.

From: Neritus
Subject: Winterflame quest rewards.

Hello everybody!

Those of you who completed Winterflame quests this year are now able to collect your rewards from Rohna, who will still be at Omni Station's Transport Hub for a couple of RL weeks. Just GREET Rohna, and you should see an additional dialog option if you helped out around the festival grounds at least once this season.

- Those who completed at least 1 quest will receive an ugly blue Winterflame cardigan.
- Those who completed 20 or more will receive a box of Winterflame ornaments.
- Those who completed 50 or more will receive a Winterflame Friends icehorn plushie.
- And those who completed 100(!) or more will receive a truly adorable, brand new minipet, a ku'ati kit!

The Winterflame Festival Grounds is now closed for another year. We hope this season created many warm memories. Hope to see you all back in the festival grounds in 11 months!

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