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Announcements post #436: The SCC opens its doors, again.

From: Neritus
Subject: The SCC opens its doors, again.

Hello again Sector!

Most of you are probably aware of the existence of the SCC, the Starmourn Combat Council, detailed in HELP SCC. Some of you may not be aware of yet another SCC, the Starmourn Cultural Conversation. Earlier this year, this SCC assembled naturally as a group of players passionate about design and crafting, organizing cultural events, performance, and related matters.

As we look to ramp up discussions in the group, we on the team would like to take a moment to ensure that the Starmourn Cultural Conversation operates with transparency and includes an open induction process, just like the other SCC.

To apply to the Cultural Conversation, submit an ISSUE to nominate yourself. You should:
- Have a Discord account, as all council chatter is done there.
- Be actively engaging in the Starmourn cultural scene, be it crafting and design, organizing cultural events, performance, or other related activities.
- Include in your Issue one new addition or improvement to the game that you think would benefit the cultural experience in Starmourn.
- Be able to engage in respectful dialog with fellow players and admin, even when disagreements arise.

All this information is now detailed in HELP SCC, along with the players currently on the council.

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