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Announcements post #432: And the journey continues.

From: Neritus
Subject: And the journey continues.

Hello again Sector,

Speaking for everyone on the team, we wish Damiel and Soren all the best in the future!

Starting now, I will be shifting from working part-time on Starmourn to working full-time, and will be the main person handling issues and customer service matters going forward. The extra responsibility is not going to slow down the pace of the Conflict Rework, for which coding and build work continues to proceed at a steady pace. Together with our superstar volunteers, we're excited to fill you all in on the road ahead, both for the Conflict Rework and beyond, as we continue to work on making Starmourn the absolute best game ever.

We will also be doing a fresh call for volunteers, whether you wish to be a Storyteller or volunteer coder. You can expect a post covering everything you'll need to know about the application process in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,
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