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Announcements post #429: Easing the entry point to Facilities.

From: Neritus
Subject: Easing the entry point to Facilities.

Hello everyone!

We've made some adjustments to mutations to help ease players into the facility experience! Facilities are designed to be modular experiences to suit the needs of players, with the help of mutations. Introducing: Easy Mutations, which will let us do just that, but tip the scales in the favor of the player.

Mutations now have 3 types: Easy, Neutral, and Hard. Hard applies to the ones which objectively make things harder for you and increase rewards. Neutral applies to ones that modify the experience in a neutral way. Easy ones are designed to lower the difficulty level, with achievements disabled and reduced rewards, but still plenty of fun to be had!

Our first three Easy mutations are:

Unsupervised: No Overseers spawn in the facility. You must hack terminals to proceed through the facility.
Nascent: The facility contains fewer mobs.
Fledgling Boss: Final Boss has -50% HP.

I've also gone and added a couple Neutral mutations. These two mutations cost lots of Data, but let you perform some facility sidegrades:

Rich Vihana: Vihana start with the Looting affix, earning you more junk.
Insightful: +25% XP gain, -75% Data gain.

The Extra Stage mutation is now classified as a Neutral mutation, not a Hard one.

The Mutation facility achievements now target specifically Hard Mutations.

I've also done a bit of touching up to the existing mutation Data costs.

Additionally, the

Happy Facility-ing!

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