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Announcements post #428: Time to die.

From: Neritus
Subject: Time to die.

Hello Sector,

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Vihana Facilities are now LIVE.

If you're unaware, Vihana Facilities are a new, endgame, roguelite-inspired dungeon crawl for 1-5 players. I'll keep it brief here on explanation, because everything you need to know is in HELP FACILITIES!

Huge shout out to everyone who had the chance to playtest last week. We received tons of fantastic feedback and had the chance to implement a lot of it, and the release product is vastly improved as a result. All data, purchased surge upgrades, facility achievements, and RANKINGS FACILITIES progression gained during the playtests have been reset.

Another huge shout out to Marra and Argus. Marra is responsible for all the truly frightening room descriptions, as well as many of the new Vihana mobs I'm sure you'll grow to love, and Argus created a ton of new random props and atmospheric messages for facilities. Thanks to their contributions, the facility experience is truly immersive.

In addition to marks, chips, mods, workshop parts, XP, and Data, there are 4 types of "Surge Crystal" that can drop in Facilities, all usable in SURGE syntax:

1) Weapon surge crystals allow you to add .1% Quality to all your equipped weapons, improving their power. An individual weapon can receive up to +5% Quality this way.
2) Armor surge crystals allow you to add .5% Quality to a particular armor piece, improving your resistances. An individual armor can receive up to +5% Quality this way.
3) Metamorphic surge crystals can be used to transform a mob in the room into an Xeno mob of Omega classification. Omega mobs created this way gain 3 affixes like normal, but ALSO gain the Metamorphic affix. There is no cooldown on metamorphic surge crystal use except during Xenohunts.
4) Mod surge crystals are similar to the promo surge crystal we saw last year, allowing you to reroll all the mod effects levels of a non-player-manufactured mod. Unlike the promo object, these are single use. Note that the old promo crystals use MOD SURGE syntax, whereas the new ones use SURGE MOD syntax. Sorry about it. We'll be phasing out the unstable surge crystals and eventually closing out the MOD SURGE syntax.

Another matter of note is that facility terminals now use the first iteration of "Ishvana Terminals" which will exist elsewhere to in the coming releases. Ishvana terminals present a unique challenge for hackers, including a new ICE and terrible fun if you happen to fail or terminate the hack. What is more, Ishvana terminals can be used to level your hacking past hacking level 19.

I'll be here fixing any facility bugs and responding to and perhaps implementing feedback, so do get your BUGs and IDEAs in!

Go forth, have fun!

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