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Announcements post #421: CYBORG MONDAY IS HERE!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew


Cyborg Monday is upon us once again and for the next 24 hours only we have not one, but TWO amazing offers for you on

First up under the 'Cyber Monday' tab, we have the ever popular lesson package for you all. That's right, 1000 lessons for only $10. One per character, while stocks last (Hint: Stock is infinite, but only available for 24 hours, so until next sync - so grab 'em while you can).

Secondly, under the 'Artifact Packages' tab, as ever we couldn't let Cyborg Monday pass us by without the sector's favorite cyborgs getting involved, so we're very excited to announce that the galactic forerunners in body modification, The M0DIF1KA Collective from New Dikamazi have been working with D4RKCYDE, a Decheeran biomech bodyhack collective to produce a range of brand new bodymods!

There are six new mods available:

a pair of osseointegrated cyber-horns
a set of biomechanical chin tentacles
a set of formidable paristeel tusks
a segmented pair of cybernetic antennae
a photoactive canopy of nanoplastic branches
a sinuous cybernetic tail

Each one allows you to wear clothing/jewelry items that are otherwise only wearable by races with those bodyparts, and allows the wearer to perform the predefined bodypart specific emotes associated with that thing, including some brand new ones.

Antennae - antennae, antno, and anttwitch
Tail - lashtail, tailtuck, and whiptail
Branches - branchbrr, branchfriend, branchshake
Tusks - tuskpolish, tusksnarl and tusksnort
Horns - horntap, horntuck, and lowerhorns
Tentacles - tentcurl, tentflex and tentstroke

These very special mods are available to buy direct* for ONE DAY ONLY, at $9.99 each or $49.99 for all six!

Races with these bodyparts naturally will now also be able to do the new emotes, as will those with existing bodymods of those parts (e.g. the wings from last year now mean you can do glide, gust, and winghug and wear wing jewelry!)

Go forth and splurge! Every penny you spend goes to keeping this game up and running, so we appreciate it very very much <3

Happy biohacking, my cyborbs!

Damiel <3

*(They may show up as super rare promo items or prizes one day, but this is your first and only chance to buy them direct)
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