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Announcements post #420: Mobs who fly, Spacers who cry.

From: Neritus
Subject: Mobs who fly, Spacers who cry.

Hi everyone,

Big batch of changes is in, a lot of which is still behind the scenes, but let's get right to the stuff accessible now.

First up, let's talk about Elevation:

- New affix: Levitating. And with it, our very first flying mobs. Flying mobs take to the skies and will attempt to stay at the room's max elevation, making elevation changes fast and without requiring balance. Flying mobs can always attack you, no matter what your elevation is.
- You can target flying mobs with your class abilities to pull targets to the ground, but flying mobs do not take falling damage and get back up quickly. But it still could open up a window for assaulting it at ground level.
- Mobs with attacks that do not respect elevation can now be hit with ranged attacks when you are at a different elevation, this should include air to ground attacks, ground to air attacks, but NOT out of room attacks. TL;DR: If it can hit you, you can hit it.
- The Colossal affix now additionally grants mobs the ability to hit targets at elevation. Thus you should be able to hit them with air to ground attacks.
- The only other mobs this applies to (right now) are faction guards.
- All things elevation, including Bushraki Wings, received a refactor, so watch out for BUGs!
- New GMCP room feature, "high_roof". Indoor rooms marked as high roof behave similarly to indoor rooms for various ability checks (such as Airstrike and Opening), except they have one level of elevation. Nowhere to be found yet, but you'll see it soon.
- Effects which move targets from the ground to the skies now involve the regular forced movement checks. For players, this applies to Voidism Airgrab. For my pretties... well... You'll see.

Some miscellaneous sundries:

- Did lots of cleanup in the main routine that handles all damage, including a refactor of Critical hits. File BUGs if you notice any new issues with anything damage-related.
- Fixed various AOE abilities which weren't being properly routed through AOE target acquisition.
- Fixed various untrappeds involving life-saving effects (such as Emergency Life Support) together with killing from rebound damage (mob retaliation, Reversal, Firewreathe, Plasmawreathe, Distribution, Ripples, Cosmpiercer Reflect, Counterzap, and Sensory Feedback).
- Fixed various untrappeds related to mobs dying from these sorts of rebound effects when damaging multiple targets.

Oh, and:

- You can now fight Brutal+ PvPBots in the Arena. They deal only slightly more damage than their Brutal counterparts, but have significantly improved resistances to damage and subsystems, and deal double subsystem damage. Good luck!

Take care,
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