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Announcements post #419: Xenohunters? Xenohunted.

From: Neritus
Subject: Xenohunters? Xenohunted.

Hi all!

Long time no see. I'm still working away on a massive rework of Starmourn's conflict systems, and most of this work is still under the hood. That said, you will start seeing more periodic content drops which are preludes to make the staggering number of component systems glue together for the final product. Today, we touch on Xenomobs.

Xenomobs and how mob affixes are handled have received a refactor. Take heed: there may be new bugs where there weren't before.

While I was there anyway I added a bunch of affixes. To view them, check out the new AFFIX syntax. Some are total gimmes, others are perfectly cruel. One of these new affixes is extra special, and we'll be seeing more out of it down the line. Well actually, we'll be seeing more out of affixes generally, too!

You will also start seeing very rare Xenomobs with the Omega classification. This is a classification like Betarch and Apex. These doozies are tougher than Apex, have 3 affixes, their corpses are worth more, and they are worth more renown, experience, junk, etc.

And some other changes:
- Xenomobs can no longer spawn in rooms with no exits (lifts, etc).
- Xenomobs can no longer spawn in Habitations.
- Conflict channel now includes the Classification (Betarch, Apex, Omega) in its announcement.
- Reworked Haemotoxin affliction, delivered by Toxic xenomobs. Previously it halved healing received. It is now a stacking affliction that reduces healing received by 10% per stack up to 8 stacks. In theory, this should mean it is easier to deal with at the start, but eventually becomes stronger than before.
- Probing a mob with Affixes now has MXP links to AFFIX SHOW details about the affix.

A quick calculation tells me that we previously had 15 different affix combinations for Apex mobs. There are now 780 possible combinations for Apex mobs, 9880 possible combinations for Omega mobs, and indeed many, many more if we're talking about the new Metamorphic affix...

I will return soon to up the ante on the abject cruelty (fun) of endgame PvE. Maybe just in time for the Winterflame season, maybe not.

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