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Announcements post #418: SAFETY system.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: SAFETY system.

Hello again all,

You may have seen the in-character PSA by S.A.F.E.S.P.A.C.E. on the public news channel (If not, check out HELP SAFESPACE), and I'm here to tell you about a brand new command to hopefully help you all with setting your own boundaries in-game.

The SAFETY system is based on a few techniques often used in tabletop gaming and allows players to easily set boundaries and communicate difficult things with others in a roleplaying situation.

It is based on this guide: and honestly I'm not sure I can describe its function better than that article can, so I urge you to go read it!

Sometimes it's really hard to communicate this stuff in your own words without feeling <insert negative word here>. So these commands are intended to be like safe words. Only to be called when absolutely necessary, but incredibly good that they exist when they are. It can also be easy to lose yourself in a roleplaying scene, and to get carried away, so this is also a way to remind others that you are not actually your character, and to express your OOC boundaries in a subtle and no-fuss manner.

As always, when dealing with difficult topics or scenes of a personal nature, we ask that you discuss it in advance with the other people involved what their limits are, and do not be afraid to stop proceedings if you change your mind. Hopefully this system will help with that.

You can access all of the commands with the SAFETY syntax menu.

The first three options send an IC emote and then an OOC notice:

SAFETY LINE <text> Indicate a topic you'd rather not talk about.
SAFETY VEIL <text> Indicate a topic you're fine with but like not explicitly described.
SAFETY EXITSCENE Indicate that you need to leave the scene.

The rest are all OOC:

SAFETY GREENLIGHT <text> Indicate a topic you'd like to push further.
SAFETY YELLOWLIGHT <text> Indicate you are content with the current level and tone of a topic.
SAFETY REDLIGHT <text> Indicate a topic you'd like pulled back immediately and the intensity lowered.
SAFETY REWIND <text> Indicate that you'd like to rewind the scene back before this happened.
SAFETY PAUSE Indicate that you need to pause for a moment and take a breather.
SAFETY FASTFORWARD <text> Indicate that you would like to skip forward past something.

Please note:
- This system is a box of tools we have made for you to use, to help you to feel safe in Starmourn. It is not a ruling or a law - just something that is there should you feel the need to use it.
- If someone is being abusive, harassing you or griefing you, please report it.
- These tools are on the whole inappropriate to use in large public events or groups, (except maybe EXITSCENE). They're intended to be useful within smaller groups or 1:1 situations when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
- (Ab)using any of these commands for power-playing reasons is not only inconsiderate to the other players around you, but it undermines the whole system.
- We all want the game to be a safe and fun place to be, so respect people's boundaries and do not question, judge or be offended by another player's boundary-setting.
- Self protection is sometimes difficult, always important, and should never be belittled or taken personally by anyone else.

Many thanks, as ever, to Neritus for implementing this new system.

Stay safe, safespacers!

Damiel and the admin team <3
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