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Announcements post #417: What are we RPing on about?

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: What are we RPing on about?

Hello all!

We are pleased to announce a brand new and much more organized way for you all to make RP requests to the admin/storytelling team. Huzzah!

As of now, players and organizations are able to submit free-form RP Requests to the Starmourn team to help facilitate their roleplay experience when admin intervention is required.

FACTION POSITIONS: In CA and Song the position should be available now for assigning as their leaders see fit. Everyone in Scatterhome currently has the power - so it's up to you lot to decide if you want to run a faction call about whether this should be limited to certain positions.

The full details can be found below and at HELP RP REQUESTS.

If you have a plan or an idea for a roleplaying/event/item request that benefits you, or a group of players, dynasty, faction, org, or the wider game, you may request this using the REQUEST system.

This system is not designed for customization requests or anything you can do yourself as a player - it's a direct OOC request for admin support with something you want to bring to life in-game to be used instead of directly messaging one member of staff or issuing yourself.

Making a request is an OOC action, due to the diverse nature of the requests we expect to get, but if you want to incorporate it into your RP that's definitely encouraged. Maybe you're hiring an events company, or applying to a bureau, or waiting for the construction company etc!

These can be made using REQUEST syntax. Basic commands include:

REQUEST NEW <title> Make a new Request.
REQUEST LIST [status] List requests visible to you.
REQUEST <id> [SHOW] View a request.

If you would like to delete a request, you may REQUEST <id> CANCEL at any time.

Once you have created your basis using REQUEST NEW <title>, unsubmitted requests can be modified in a number of ways. DESCRIBE will open the editor and allow you to write a long-form description of the request. We ask that you try to keep these concise, and enforce a word limit of 1000 words. If you go over those 1000 words, your text will be preserved for later use, but you will not be able to SUBMIT the Request until it is below 1000 words. You can retitle your unsubmitted request using REQUEST <id> TITLE <title>

Use REQUEST <id> DESIGNATE <org> to designate a request to an organization, be it a faction, dynasty, or clan, if you have the 'rprequests' power in the organization. Once designated, it cannot be undesignated and all others with the power will be able to modify the request in any way.

You can attach others to a Request if you would like to grant them permission to modify it using REQUEST <id> ATTACH <person>. This can even be done with designated Requests to include those without the required power, and even include those who are not a member of the organization. Use REQUEST <id> UNATTACH <person> to remove such an attachment, and REQUEST <id> UNATTACH ME if you would like to remove yourself.

Anyone who can modify the Request can also place Comments on it at any point in the request's history (even after it's completed!) using REQUEST <id> COMMENT <message>.

Things we can help with include:
- Posessing NPCs to enhance your experience.
- Interacting with NPC orgs.
- Staging scenes you can't stage yourself.
- Offering rewards for org contests.
- Building rooms and items for public use.

Things the system is NOT for:
- Making items for your own personal use.
- Adding player-owned rooms, items, mobs or NPCs.
- Anything that can be done by players as a customization or design (though we could add to these items or stock them in a NPC shop for example, if required).

Once everything looks good, use REQUEST <id> SUBMIT to submit your request. Once it is submitted, it will be reviewed by staff.

There can only be 1 submitted or in progress request per player or only 1 request per org. A request you made for an org does not go towards your personal limit.
NOTE: We ask that you kindly respect the number of requests being made via Clans. Clan requests should be legitimately based in the roleplay of a particular clan and not used to circumvent your personal limit or the limit of any faction or dynasty the clan may be associated with.

Please include as much detail as possible of what you would like from us and when, and bear in mind that if there's something you can do yourself as part of your plan, we expect you to do that. If you don't have a lot of detail to add and need admin help to figure out how to do it, don't worry, just say that in your submission!

Requests may require costs depending on the nature of the request, including marks, credits, or specific comms. Costs can be viewed using REQUEST <id> [SHOW] and can be paid using REQUEST <id> PAY. In the case of comms:
- For personal requests they must be located in personal storage at your home station.
- For faction requests they must be located in the org's storage at their home station (either the faction's home station, or the home station of the player entering the command).
In the case of credits:
- They must either be bound to the player entering the command
- In the case of faction requests must be located in the faction's credit account.
In the case of marks:
- They must be in the account of the player or org whose request it is.

Remember that although the request itself is done OOC, your costs are IC and it's up to you/your org to roleplay this as/if appropriate. If it's an item like a monument for a faction, the construction company might quote a fee, or maybe an NPC band would charge an appearance fee etc. This could be in credits or marks, and once your request is submitted, an admin will contact you to discuss appropriate payment, which will then be added to the request on approval. (We may develop a more solid pricing chart if we deem it necessary in the future, but for now it seems reasonable for it to depend on the request and what's involved.)

- If it is rejected, it will return to 'unsubmitted' status and you will receive a reason (Which will be left as a comment on the request). Don't be disheartened! We appreciate all of your requests and creativity, but it may be that it's not possible at all, against the rules or it simply needs a bit more development before we can approve. We will let you know in the comments!

- If it is approved, it will go into 'unpaid' status (or straight to 'paid' status if in the Request was free).

Once a request is approved, a storyteller or admin will claim your request and will comment on the request to discuss and oversee its completion, so as to inform all attached players. Other STs or admin may well get involved, depending on the request. Damiel and Soren are in charge of these requests overall, and may get involved at any time, so if there are any problems that can't be addressed to your assigned ST, please contact them or ISSUE ME <your problem and the request ID if available>.

Once a request is completed, it is archived, so the details of it will remain on the system.

As usual, if you find any bugs or find anything to be lacking while this system is in its teething stages, please submit a BUG or and ISSUE and be kind to us! <3

And of course a big thank you to Neritus to putting the system together!

We hope to see all your lovely creative requests soon!

Damiel and the admin team <3
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