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Announcements post #414: New Rapadruk Scare Attraction and Rapadruk Ball details!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: New Rapadruk Scare Attraction and Rapadruk Ball details!

Hello again Ghouls and Guises,

The day is finally upon us. The most wonderful time of the year, when it's positively cool to be a spooky bastard who lives in a mountain with hhis hellhound gargoyle. (Let me believe that please)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! ~cackles hellishly~

To celebrate, we have a brand new Rapadruk thingy for you all. For you questers, it is a quest (even though it doesn't tell you until the end). For you PVE fans, it has PVE, for you puzzlers, it has puzzles. May we introduce to you...

The Rapa'rak Hall Terror Experience!

To try it out, head to comms address 15087 in Gunurash III and APPROACH CROSSROADS!

I'm very worried it will be buggy as hell, as we haven't been able to test it as mortals without giving the game away, so if you find a bug please be kind and just let us know using the BUG or ISSUE commands!

If not, WOO!

The rooms in this event were all inspired by past player submissions to the Scare the Storytellers contest! So a HUGE thank you to Beaux, Lilias, Seth, Nyx and Xuthori, who may all recognise their creations in there! Bear in mind this is a scare attraction developed by Krona so it may not entirely be as you envisaged it, but I hope we've done you justice!

The event will be open for the next week, until Sunday 6th November.


The Rapadruk Ball
The much awaited Rapadruk Ball will be taking place next Saturday at sync (Your time/date converted here: ) at The Rapa'rak Hall Ballroom - room #15006. There will be special refreshments, a costume contest with prizes and more!

Scare the Storytellers
Our annual scary story contest is still open for submissions until sync (and honestly I won't be gathering them up until tomorrow so as long as it's in before tomorrow that's fine by me).

Winners will be announced at the Ball and via announcement at the same time!

More details can be found at NEWS READ ANNOUNCEMENTS 410

Happy Horrifying, kids!

Damiel, Soren and the wonderful team! (especially Argus, Iobai and Marra who have worked very hard on this with us!) <3
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