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Announcements post #412: Rapadruk Re-flesh.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Rapadruk Re-flesh.

Dearest Ghouls and Guises,

Do we have a spoop-packed Rapadruk refresh for you or what?! (The answer is yes, yes we do)


MISSIONCONTROL has been refreshed with a whole heap of brand new items, as follows:

A puffy drukpyr shaped bag of candy
As usual, Candy Dan knows you all love his candies, so he's provided us with some of these special neverending candy bags filled with this year's confectionary treasures. You can PULL 12 pieces of candy from it every hour, you lucky things.

A pastel Confection Collection backpack
For those of you finding that your inventories are cluttered with 5 different types of candybag, or just for those who want to be able to carry around a nondecay supply of their favorite sweets, the folks at SweetTooth enterprises have created this super hi-tech backpack which allows you to create the ultimate Confection Collection! Put your existing candybags into this one (this will sacrifice the existing one, so be sure!), and PUSH the bag to select which range you'd like to then PULL from, or whether you wanna randomize them all! You can also store up to 30 pieces of candy in there, and they won't decay while they're inside. (We've added in the other candybags too, in case you don't have them all!)

A flight-ready stealthpack
Ever wondered what space witches get around on? Welp... this is close to a broomstick as you're gonna get, kids! Use this brand new vehicle to get through this year's Rapadruk is style! Use the VEHICLE syntax to use this.

A dusty miniature casket
Crafted from sturdy black nanocard, these small boxes resemble very tiny coffins. Featuring an image of an old-fashioned perfume bottle, the brand name: "Rapa'rak Apothecary, Uryet, Est. 6666 B.E." is printed on them in spindly old text. They smell... odd.

An oddly-purring pikato-shaped pet carrier
Hmm... this plush and adorable pet carrier seems to convert into a pet den, and already seems to have a VERY fluffy and VERY cute black feracht kitten in it. It seems happy there. I guess it lives there now so you'll have to adopt it by OPENing the thing if you get this. It looks mischievous though, I bet you could TELL it to GO PRANK <name> and it would.

A zipped up HugTech costume carrier
Due to the controversial nature of the HucTech brand, Mission Control has a brand new stockist of costumes and masks this Rapadruk season - based in the home of Rapadruk: Agog! This carrier features the Cuddles&Co logo in a glittery silver, their tagline below in small print: At least twice as good at hugging than the leading brand or your money back! With four new costumes and a very fancy carvable pikato mask (you get one of these at random), this costume carrier is well worth wrapping all of your arms around!

A spooky formglass rockhopper bubble
Shaped like an anatomically correct rockhopper heart, this new seasonal rockhopper bubble stands on a glittery black plinth with the Ushu Entomologicals Inc embossed on it in drippy blood. These creepy pet enclosures have an inbuilt Rapadruk-themed diorama and atmospheric lighting for your lucky pets, and they come with "Limited Edition Happy Hoppers!" eggs. Will YOU find one of our ULTRA LUCKY 'NIGHT SKY' rockhoppers? Perhaps a GLOW IN THE DARK or SKELETON variant? A whole new batch of names and spooky colors, too! Each of the specials has a new xenozoo entry, too for all you xenozoologists. Can you collect them all?!

See HELP MISSIONCONTROL for more info if you don't know what that is. If you want extra missiles or batteries, remember you can buy some at, where we have some great deals when you purchase multi-packs!

We've also added in some different artifacts: Still there is our new class_spoopifier, but we've also stocked blackmarket_hack, dataghosting, custom_cryo, distortion_field, deathalert, bounty_anywhere and customization! (ARTIFACT INFO <name> to see what they all are!)

There's also a heart shaped chest implant on every board! It comes in the form of a bodymod, which activates an inbuilt artifact (bhrk_blood_bond) when installed (MODIFICATION INSTALL BLOODBOND). Once installed it'll unlock the BOND syntax menu for you:
BOND LINK - The first thing you need to do. Linking will deposit another
implant in the inventory of your chosen bonded partner. Both
implants need to be installed in order for the arties to work.
BOND LEND - Give 10% of your health to your bonded partner. 10min cooldown.
BOND RESCUE - Open a wormhole and pull your bonded partner to you. Requires
consent from them. 5sec channel and 1hr cooldown.
BOND LOOK - See what they see for a moment.
BOND TOUCH - Let them know you're thinking of them.

The eagle-eyed among you discovered our brand new spooky mansion, deep in the heart of Gunurash III. You can learn more about the lore of the place by talking to Nizu and Zugub Drukula (with more info on the wiki at'rak_hall ). There's a shop, and we'll be adding some very exciting stuff to it as the month draws on, and it will be the location of our big costume ball (date, time and more details will be in a separate post! But there WILL be a costume contest, so you designers best get cracking!). You can find them using WALK TO MANSION when you arrive in Agog!

Candy Dan is also back with his quest, with a whole new set of fiendish candies to collect and a sparkly little prize! Go and greet the masked Krona in the bone garden there (15087) to get started!

There's still time to submit your entries for Scare the Storytellers 2022! Full details can be found at NEWS READ ANNOUNCEMENTS 410 - the deadline is 23:59 EST on the 31st October so do your worst, spacers!

Happy Rapadruk, to all, and to all a FIENDISH NIGHT! ~Maniacal laugh~

, , \ / \\ \ / , ,
./( )\. `-.`-'.-' .-'```^```'-. `-.`-'.-' ./( )\.
) \/\_/\/ ( ,:--.--:. / /\ __ /\ \ ,:--.--:. ) \/\_/\/ (
`) (^Y^) (` / | | | \ | ^^ \/ ^^ | / | | | \ `) (^Y^) (`
`),-(~)-,(` /\ | /\ \ \_.__._/ / /\ | /\ `),-(~)-,(`
'"' | `.:.' | `'-.......-'` | `.:.' | '"'
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