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Announcements post #411: Bone to be Wild.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Bone to be Wild.

Greetings Ghouls and Guises,

The spoopy season is upon us and I hope you're all polishing off your CREEPYHANDS and SPOOPY emotes!

I'm here to inform you all that we have a new set of terrifying prizes to the promo for the month! All available by playing MISSIONCONTROL.

Everyone's favorite game of chance is playable in all the faction cities, and at the Almasi Arena. To play, you can either buy full missile batteries from the website - the missile batteries are under the "Artifact Packages" section - or compile one for free by collecting missiles (10 missiles makes a battery).
Free missiles come from listening to the MUDS channel (check CONFIG to turn it on or off! It's on ignore by default) or completing the daily XENOZOO BOUNTY, which will reward 1-2 missiles. Remember, if you're a few missiles short of a full battery (arent we all?), you can even buy a couple to finish your battery for cheap! You'll also get a random mod from this!

Check out HELP MISSIONCONTROL for more details on how to play!

As usual, for every 25 shots that faction members fire, a free missile battery will be given to all those online in that faction (this free shot doesn't count towards charging up another 25 shots and it has a slightly different name so you can tell it apart). Check how close the faction is to a free shot by using MISSIONCONTROL BONUS.

You will no doubt cackle with delight at our new sumptuous offerings...

Artifact: Class Spoopifier (class_spoopifier)
This creepy new artifact replaces the room messages with spoopy versions for the following class abilities: Plasma Inferno, Gadgets Gaussfield, Kith Glimmer, Void Pointzero, and Guile Airstrike.

Item: a five-walled box of phials
This shady box full of mysterious phials smells of sulfur and chaos. Each one seems to contain 5 phials, just right to be thrown at someone... I wonder what they could do? We weren't 'brave' enough to try them out, so we decided to send them out to hapless spacers instead, what could possibly go wrong? Right? OPEN the box to get your phials.

Item: a wacky waving inflatable multi-armed monster
This amusing device is built for only two purposes - Joy and Mayhem. An enormous, hollow pillar of orange material inflates automatically when dropped in place, multitudes of flipping, billowing arms bursting forth shortly after. While active, the airflow through the device causes its material to ripple and dance about with reckless abandon.

Item: a 'Bone Dead' special of Monsters Monthly
This 'zine appears to be a rather dark and spooky periodical about all manner of cryptids, ghouls, ghosts and the creepy folklore of the sector. In addition to the regular content, the zine seems to be extra creepy this time, with a whole central section dedicated to Rapadruk and the various celebrations of the ancient dead throughout the sector. A flashing skull on its top indicates that it will grant the purchaser a set of thematic gene modifications, should they TOUCH it.

As well as these new things, we have also managed to secure reissues of all our prior Rapadruk and spooky promo items, which include:
Artifacts: quantum_cargo_nets, custom_cryo, smartcore_stylist, vibroblade, ship_message_beacon, dataghosting and streak_restoration. (See ARTIFACT INFO <name> for info on those).
Items: a corrupted HETE augmentation casket, a skull-shaped autofeeder, a zipped up HugTech costume carrier, an orange nanoplastic baggie, a box of spooky Rapadruk decorations, a weirdly pulsating ship customization chip, a 'Rapadruk' special issue of Eat The Rich, a skeleton-headed gemra cub, a potted heik-il vine, a battered cardboard shipping crate, a black-lacquered mask box, a void-fog armband, a portable RoamTek Trophymaker, a premium white leather mask box, a novelty holoprojector wand, a colorful bag stuffed with candy, a SuperGym fitness simulation platform, a blood-splattered nanoplastic baggie, a small box draped in shadow and a plain pikato for carving!
PLUS credits, lessons and more! Woo!

WE ALSO have big prizes...
(And they're rather excellent...)

At 500 shots we'll be giving away a token for an entire free class - including all lessons! OR A crafter's omnipass worth 2500cr - you get to choose which!

Whoever fires the 1000th shot will win ***A beachfront condo in Glittering Shores!***

And at 1500 there's a VERY sought-after pair of M0DIF1KA R-153 fully integrated rocket wings - these allow you to fly indoors to the low elevation and move between indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Previously only available on Cyborg Wednesday!

Every 50 shots there will be a 50 credit prize, and we're also giving away extra tokens every 100 shots!
At 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 shots - A Workshop Advancement Token (REDEEM TOKEN whilst in your workshop for 1000 global research credits and 10 part crates for your modding workshop)
At 300, 700 and 900 - A Token of Friendship (see HELP FRIENDSHIP for more info - lets you have an NPC respond to you in a custom way!)

If you don't know what Rapadruk is, then please check out our new HELP RAPADRUK file!

Have a fiendishly good time, you all!

More to come as the month draws in... (Muahahahaha)

/^^^ " ^^^\ (It's a bat, honest.)
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