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Announcements post #409: I Need Some Boos... uh, right, October!

From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: I Need Some Boos... uh, right, October!

Howdy Starmourn,

October is here again and with it we say goodbye to the Newbie Challenge, though you still have thirty days from the time your character was created to win - check NEWBIECHALLENGE to see if you're still eligible! As of sync tonight, though, new characters created are no longer eligible - but don't worry, the challenge will probably be back eventually!

Moving on...

With October comes Rapadruk, our favorite not-at-all Halloween celebration in the sector! October's promo will be up sometime this weekend, with a small refresh in mid-October - which will also see the return of Candy Dan and maybe some fun new additions to the annual festivity besides? Who knows!

For now, though, we just wanted to announce two important things: first, our annual Scare The Storytellers contest, which will be detailed in a different post, and second, a special Rapadruk ball RP event!

More information on the ball will be available later in the month, but it is planned for late October and there will be *prizes*! Again, more information TBA, but for now, just know that if you want to enter to win, you should be planning your most FABULOUS costumes!

More from us very soon,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Soren
who is definitely not being held at whip-point by Damiel right now
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