You Make the Mob, S01E01: Pilot

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Hi all. I'm Oryx, a staff builder here at Starmourn. B)

I'm going to run a series of polls here, in which you guys can vote on (and suggest) various attributes for a denizen/NPC/mob in Starmourn, and eventually you'll see him/her/it in the game! Kind of making a collaborative character sheet.

BUT you won't have to wait until opening day for a preview - at the end I'll put together a log that shows just what happens when you greet, flirt with, start a fight with, or otherwise interact with them.

Feel free to call me a lazy builder, but it actually takes way more time to do it this way, especially for a single character. So know that this is all for YOU, our treasured community of early Starmourn fans. :D

In each thread I'll take suggestions for options in the next poll. But for now we'll start out with some stock characters to turn into something awesome.

We'll add race/gender next, so comment with combo(s) you would like to see! They can be player races or not.

You Make the Mob, S01E01: Pilot 37 votes

egocentric bully
0% 0 votes
bookish scholar
24% 9 votes
charming rascal
18% 7 votes
sleazy salesperson
5% 2 votes
gentle giant
21% 8 votes
overprotective parent
8% 3 votes
sensual seductor/tress
21% 8 votes


  • BandusBandus Member Posts: 57 ✭✭✭
    Interesting idea! Looking forward to seeing what we come up with!
  • TravelerTraveler Member Posts: 132 ✭✭✭
    I can't "awesome" this enough. Thank you, Oryx! :D
  • WilmerWilmer Member Posts: 28
    This is cool, Thank you!
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  • MalashMalash Member Posts: 259 ✭✭✭
    Lesse, combos, combos....

    How about a female Corran? Be interesting to see 'em fleshed out a bit more.
  • OryxOryx Moderator Posts: 112 Moderator
    I'll keep the poll going another day or so, please make some race/gender combo suggestions if there are any you'd particularly like to see!

    If you need ideas,
  • kaykay Member Posts: 29
    I'd say female Selassian. But really, that's probably because I'm wishing they were a playable race, and since they aren't I'm compensating.
  • TravelerTraveler Member Posts: 132 ✭✭✭
    I would offer a suggestion, but when I read the wiki I'm just like, "Yes."
  • OryxOryx Moderator Posts: 112 Moderator
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    The results! (apparently you can keep voting after I've closed the thread, so these are the results as of that time)

    egocentric bully  0% 0 votes
    bookish scholar  25% 7 votes
    charming rascal  21% 6 votes
    sleazy salesperson  3% 1 vote
    gentle giant  17% 5 votes
    overprotective parent 10% 3 votes
    sensual seductor/tress  21% 6 votes

    Now go vote on race/gender!
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