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Announcements post #407: Storyteller changes!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Storyteller changes!

Hello spacers!

It's all go here at Starmourn HQ, and we have a lot in the works that should hopefully be coming up in the coming few weeks, so hold on to your jetpacks and watch this space!

This post, however, is an update on our storytellers.

This week we have said goodbye to Domin, Bricky and Ferenzi, who have all moved on for very different reasons, but thank you to each of them for the time and input they gave to the game while they were here.

However, we would also like to properly introduce to you our most recent cadet to graduate from Storyteller school...


Marra has actually been with us behind the scenes since February, and picked up the ropes very quickly, having given some amazing input and done a huge amount of wonderful writing for all of the new areas and events that have happened since then. So we decided it was time to sing their praises a bit! Please make them feel welcome and appreciated - they're a rather brilliant one!

More to come soon!

Damiel <3
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