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Announcements post #406: You auction know!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: You auction know!

You auction know!

Hello everyone!

It's auction time again in the Starmourn Sector!

If you're unsure how auctions work, please have a look through HELP AUCTIONS for full details.

The auctions will run from now until sync a week from now (so a week and 2hrs). There's a countdown on the listings, and when it reaches 0 the auctions will end!

So... without further ado...

1 The Bronkytonk
Missed the Floating Market last time? No worries, Hatti Stasny is auctioning off one of her very own tricked out destroyers with all the HatTrix components preinstalled! Includes special ship custs that can be applied to other ships you own.

2 A hab in a special place
This special hab can be located wherever you want, (not on a ship, obvs) and will have capacity for up to 10 rooms (depending on lore appropriateness - we can probably work most things, but you can't build a 10 room hab in a hotel room or whatever!)

3 A food truck/vending machine
Stock some of your designs in a portable vending machine, designed BY YOU and emblazoned with your branding! Amount of designs and method of sale is based on lore appropriateness and what you want to sell. Placeable anywhere that isn't already an NPC or player shop. Not hot on a vending machine? How about a food truck? Something else? You are limited only by your imagination and (unfortunately) admin approval!

4 Custom genekit
A full set of bespoke customizations just for you. Work with the admin team to create a full suite of customized appearance settings dispensed by a special 'zine, unique to your character. ISSUE yourself after the auction has ended to request your options.

5 Custom infusion capsule
A luxurious infusion capsule of your own design! You will receive a dispenser that will produce 3 of these per RL day, so that you and your friends may have an infusion made especially for you at the spa! Design it yourself, including colors, subject to admin approval!

6 Custom pet
You will work with the admin team to create a custom pet for you, complete with reactions. This has to be a lore-appropriate pet, and must either be a robotic construction or a small/pet version of a creature type that already exists in the game. No sentient creatures, no fantastic/magical beings, no new races. ISSUE yourself after the auction ends to request - you will be expected to describe exactly what you want!

7 A Help Wanted Poster
Drop this in a player shop you own to attract applications from up to 11 NPC applicants. You'll get messages when people apply, and can check on your list of applicants by using TELL JOBCENTERBOT LIST. You can then choose to employ one of them, and they will forevermore be your very own shop NPC! Once appointed, the shop NPC can tell you the latest design fads and reward you for making them, and they will also cause your shop to make passive sales to Starmourn denizens at random (only while you are logged in). Shop NPCs are further customizable through the item customization system.

8 Bushraki Rocket Wings
Allows you to fly to the mid elevation indoors and to crash with normal chance of failure at mid elevation. MODIFICATION INSTALL WINGS to wear, MODIFICATION UNINSTALL WINGS to remove. A rare artifact item that is not often available!

9 Custom fish
A custom fishie like no other in the game! It will have its own xenozoo entry and will be created to your specifications - you describe it and its xenozoo entry yourself, subject to admin approval and lore appropriateness!

10 Custom epic weapon
Permanent, sturdy and big ol' stats. A weapon just like Damiel... who is also a weapon. You get to design it, design approval is subject to admin approval and lore appropriateness.


11 The deeds for a shop
This player shop links to your trade terminal shop, and includes a 1 room extension (a second room, which can link to a second trade terminal shop) as well as ONE special room flag (performance, water, fridge etc). Can be placed wherever you like, as long as it's approved by producers. Room descs and names to be written by you (you can use an in-room panel to change these whenever you like!) ISSUE yourself after the auction has ended to request your location. This shop does not include an NPC or any special features beyond the extension.

12 A Crafter's Omnipass
Waives the tradeskill purchasing fees - this includes any future tradeskills we add to the game using the same tradeskill system! (You still need lessons to learn the skills though)

13 Workshop Advancement token
REDEEM TOKEN whilst in your workshop for 1000 global research credits and 10 part crates for your modding workshop.

14 A custom ship zine
A full set of bespoke ship customizations just for you. Work with one of the admin team to create a set of unique appearance options for your ship. Comes with one unique hull color, one unique hull pattern, one unique hull shape, one unique wing shape, one unique finish, and one unique decal. ISSUE yourself after the auction ends to request your customizations.

15 Nanite compression cube
A rly big bag with sorting function (255 capacity), can hold promo items and set them to reset to the cube whilst in there. Free customization (if you want it) to look and be worn however you like. (ISSUE to request description change after the auction ends, subject to admin approval)

16 Any artifact up to 500cr
Does what it says on the tin - choose any artifact up to 500cr! ISSUE yourself to request after the auction ends.

17 Custom fish
As #9, but a marks auction!

18 A token of friendship
Have you ever wanted an NPC in Starmourn to love you - or hate you? This token will allow you to request a specific response from an NPC, subject to admin approval and lore appropriateness - only realistic responses are allowed - the biggest villain in the game isn't going to quake in their boots at you unless you have already given them a very good roleplay reason to do so!

19 A dynasty friendship token
Have you ever wanted an NPC in Starmourn to love your dynasty - or hate it? This token will allow you to request a specific response from an NPC for everyone in your dynasty, subject to admin approval and lore appropriateness - only realistic responses are allowed - the biggest villain in the game isn't going to quake in their boots at your dynasty unless it has already given them a very good roleplay reason to do so!

20 A Help Wanted Poster
As #7, but a marks auction!

***HARDCORE PLAYERS*** are not allowed to bid on auctions unless their current character is more than 30 days old. Admin will remove your bid if we see this happening. This is to stop people from dying purposefully to have a big pile of credits to spend. Also... a lot of these things would die with you, so there's probably little point in buying them if you're HC, sadly.
AUCTIONS Lists all auctions you can bid on.
AUCTION INFO <#> Tells you more about that one auction.
BID <#> ON <#> Bid on an item. The amount will instantly be deducted from your account - it is safe!
BID INCREASE <#> on <#> Increases your maximum bid on a specified auction.
(The amount you are increasing is ADDED to your previous bid; it does not replace it.)
AUCTION ESCROW BUILD Calculates the trade-in value of your current artefacts as 'escrow credits'
which you can also use to bid with.
Note: You do not have to bind credits until after the auction is finished, escrow build will
count them).
AUCTION CREDITS Reports on bound credits, and escrow credits.
Note: Escrow credits aren't real credits! They just help you bid on things without having
all the bound credits on hand ahead of time. If you win the auction, you will be expected
to buy credits, or trade in artifacts, or do something to raise your bound credits level to
high enough to resolve the auction.
AUCTION <#> RESOLVE If you have enough bound credits at the time the auction ends, they will automatically come
out of your account. If not, you can use this command to pay once you've realised the amount required.
At the end of the auction, either the credits or marks will be taken away, and the item/artefact/special-prize will be awarded. If you need to get more credits, then it'll all wait till you RESOLVE the auction (see above).
If there were any unused bid monies, you'll get them back at this point.
General Notes
- Bids CANNOT be retracted. You bid, you're stuck. If you're outbid, then and only then do you get your marks/credits/whatever back. PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO YOUR BID SYNTAX. If you enter the wrong amount, you are still responsible for that.
- When an auction appears, everyone in the game is notified.
- In artifact auctions, you can't bid on artifacts you already own.
- Volunteers have no access to back-end auction info, and paid staff (who have to be able to see bidding info in case of any issues) are not permitted to bid.
- Items won in credit auctions are generally NOT transferrable to anyone else. Bound credits are used for credit auctions, so whatever you win is bound to your character. Artifacts won in marks auctions are similarly non-transferrable. Any other items won in marks auctions where you would need staff intervention to transfer it to someone else should be assumed as non-transferrable unless otherwise noted in the auction description. Items that could be freely transferrable on the promo market may still be considered free to transfer via the promo market.

For more info, see HELP AUCTIONS!

Happy bidding, beautiful spacers!

Damiel <3
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