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Announcements post #404: Mission Control Updated.

From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: Mission Control Updated.

Hey all,

Mission Control received an update before the xenohunt, the artis are all familiar ones but there are some good wins on the board for the hunt, including an improved junk cap and the ever popular repopulators!

Many of the other items are repeats from previous offerings, with the exception offff...

A fancy beach chair!
Tired of sitting on the sand at your favorite beach? Are all the public seats taken? Just wanna flex on people by putting down your own seating? You got it!

A secure safe!
You asked for it and you got it! A password protected safe for all your most secure goods!

And a strange sentient orb of light!
Have you ever wanted to own a sentient orb of light? Okay, weird, but live your life, I guess. Now you can with this little fella. As adorable as a sentient ball of light can get!

Check out the MC board to see what else is up for offer and buy missile batteries on the website or get free ones every sync by becoming an Iron Elite member!

Apologies for the delay on MC updates and the sparse offerings this month, we are both trying to focus on content over promos and on an upcoming mini AUCTION that will go live on Monday! Watch this space, more updates soon!

As always,
Your friendly neighborhood Soren
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