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Announcements post #399: The News in Summer-y.

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: The News in Summer-y.

Hey, you suns of beaches!

I don't know about where you all are, but here it's hot as daka and I'm miserable. YAY SUMMER!

Why don't you distract yourself from the disgusting and oppressive reality of the outside world by having a great summer in text form?

Next week (see the post that will be coming soon after this one!) we'll be releasing a fun new area with an RP event... some of the new items available on MISSIONCONTROL might be related, who knows? Like...

Everyone's favorite game of chance is playable in all the faction cities, and at the Almasi Arena. To play, you can either buy full missile batteries from the website - the missile batteries are under the "Artifact Packages" section - or compile one for free by collecting missiles (10 missiles makes a battery).

Free missiles come from listening to the MUDS channel (check CONFIG to turn it on or off!) or completing the daily XENOZOO BOUNTY, which will reward 1-2 missiles. Remember, if you're a few missiles short of a full battery (arent we all?), you can even buy a couple to finish your battery for cheap! You'll also get a random mod from this!

Check out HELP MISSIONCONTROL for more details on how to play!

As usual, for every 25 shots that faction members fire, a free missile battery will be given to all those online in that faction (this free shot doesn't count towards charging up another 25 shots and it has a slightly different name so you can tell it apart). Check how close the faction is to a free shot by using MISSIONCONTROL BONUS.
(And they're rather excellent...)
At 500 shots we'll be giving away a token for an entire free class - including all lessons! OR A crafter's omnipass worth 2500cr - you get to choose which!

Whoever fires the 1000th shot will win ***A beachfront condo in a NEW exclusive locale!*** (this is a HABITATION and will be worth 1000+ credits but actual price TBC)

And at 1500 there's a VERY sought-after pair of M0DIF1KA R-153 fully integrated rocket wings - these allow you to fly indoors to the low elevation and move between indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Previously only available on Cyborg Wednesday!

Every 50 shots there will be a 50 credit prize, and we're also giving away extra tokens every 100 shots!

At 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 shots - A Workshop Advancement Token (REDEEM TOKEN whilst in your workshop for 1000 global research credits and 10 part crates for your modding workshop)
At 300, 700 and 900 - A Token of Friendship (see HELP FRIENDSHIP for more info - lets you have an NPC respond to you in a custom way!)

Here's the other stuff on the grid this month:

- A sand machine
Not a fan of snow? Prefer to play in the sand and get it in places sand should never be? You'll love this item! Build sandcastles and try not to let a feracht pee in your portable sandbox!

- A handheld retro cooler
Have you ever felt weird for carrying around a whole ass fridge just to keep your cakes from going bad? Perfect for picnics, this retro cooler is a lot better than carrying around an entire mini fridge!

- A portable BMBX radio
Again, do you love your LUCENT radio but want to take it on the go? This portable BMBX radio is just what you need!

- A sunshine printed plastic fish baggie
Filled with an assortment of new fishy friends, this fish baggie is sure to provide you with a new pal! Just be careful if you get a jellyfish - they don't play nice with other fish!

- A PenumbraWorks W1 series weather protection device
OKAY it's a parasol/umbrella (and you can rename it as such, and change its color by TURNing it). This nifty thing responds to weather effects in the room - perfect to WIELD when it's raining outside or DROP it for use as a beach parasol, SmartCore settings allow this umbrella to drastically change its shape and color. The deluxe umbrella experience!

- A high-tech BBQ grill
Have you ever wanted to BBQ but just couldn't be bothered to go through all the steps? This fancy BBQ grill reduces the effort required to near zero! Perfect for the lazy foodie! Pick from a selection of fillings and breads for your perfect al fresco dining experience.

As well as the regular MC assortment of marks, lessons, credits, and artifacts big and small - see MISSIONCONTROL PRIZES in one of the promo rooms to check them all out.

So get shooting, Starmourn!

Anything is popsicle,

Damiel <3 for missiles - show your support so we can keep the lights on (both in Starmourn and in our actual homes!)

PS: Due to circumstances beyond our control we weren't able to get the love shop addition added in time this month, but never fear, it's still coming, so hold on to your love tokens! Some of the Pride items will make their way into the Amory as well, as we think these are things that should be available all year round. <3
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