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Announcements post #396: Regarding Pride.

From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: Regarding Pride.

It has come to our attention that some people do not like that we're celebrating Pride in Starmourn, not for reasons of simply disliking the promo this month but because of other, deeper reasons that they should probably spend some time examining.

I will say two things:

1. If you don't like that we're celebrating Pride month on Starmourn, it is a real shame that your feelings are hurt. You're welcome to leave for the month of June to go play another game and come back for the other 11 months of the year that are about you. Or better yet, don't play Starmourn at all if you intend to display any kind of -phobia to our players or staff! (You will be banned.)

2. Heterophobia isn't real, and you do not need a Straight Pride Month. :)

Your Normally-Friendly Neighborhood Soren
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