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Announcements post #395: Rainbows and Love Letters!

From: Fiendish Damiel, Pew Pew Pew
Subject: Rainbows and Love Letters!

Hello everyone!

The Floating Market:
The Floating Market is now over and the final sales figures are in... it was an amazing success again, so thank you to everyone who took part! There were a total of 273 sales in player-run stalls with a total player income of 1849606mk. Wow!

Top profiteer was Poet who sold 12 items for a total of 895000 marks.
Top seller was Zoe who sold 43 items for a total of 55500 marks.

But obviously well done to everyone!

Promo Artis:
Promo artifacts are no longer available for general purchase, BUT if you get a membership they are from this point on! So be sure to get your sub started if you haven't already, so you don't have to wait for promos to come up to get that thing you want!

Promo and Pride!
Love letters are back for Pride month, but this time they're rainbow themed! Because everyone loves rainbows! And don't worry about this being some form of rainbow capitalism - hate that - because many of our staff falls under this umbrella. We know that a big portion of the playerbase does too, so we just wanted to loudly and clearly show our support this month!

A Rainbow Sprinkles Letter:
Like the 'Spread the Love' letters back in Feb, these letters award both sender and recipient a standard prize and a love token to spend in The Amory. But that's not the end of the fun! These letters can then be forwarded as many times as you like - with the first 5 recipients AND senders getting a small token gift on the way. Each sync in June there will be three 25cr prizes for the person who has been sent the most letters, the person who has sent the most letters, and the person who sent the letter that was forwarded the most times (no give-backs of the same letter, and daily prizes will be divided in the event of a tie). Make sure your friends know you care about them! Or that you just wanted 25 free credits and some fun prizes. Either way!

A Rainbow Heart Letter:
These letters are single use only, but they award both sender and recipient with a prize with 6x the value of a standard prize. Both of you also get 3 love tokens!
The syntax for both of these letters is LOVELETTER and you can purchase them on the website! Go forth and prove your undying devotion to your beloved, your friends, or even your enemies with thoughtless offerings to the god of capitalism!

Especially for June, all of these letters also give you a chance for a rainbow tesseract too, so you really can share the love!

Later this month we'll add a new addition to the Amory so you can spend your shiny love tokens on something new, if you already have everything you wanted from the normal Amory shop!

And what shiny new things can you get in the letters? Well, new to the promo this month are:

- A Pride issue of StarStruck magazine
- A rainbow party ship edition of Pride of the Stars
- A sparkling rainbow fish baggie

NEW Artifact: Omnitrader's Pass - This extra special pass allows you to access ALL trade networks from one place! You can stock existing shops, browse wares across the sector, and it also works with a tradenet link, so that with both artifacts you can access all shops from everywhere! (You still need to be in a place to set up a new shop though).

Also in the mix are some thematic goodies including stasis orbs, help wanted posters, body ink pens, workshop parts, fairy lights, sexbots, and artifacts including: customization, ship_message_beacon, smartcore_stylist, gender_change, faster_transport and ally_teleport!

Have fun!

Damiel <3
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