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Announcements post #394: The Floating Market 967 A.E.

From: Feracht Whisperer Soren
Subject: The Floating Market 967 A.E.

Hello, Starmourn!

The Floating Market is back, this year hovering around beautiful Kovalar in the Barrak system! You can get there via a PTP or by landing your ship there.

If you're unfamiliar with the Floating Market, read on...

The Floating Market
Several years ago, a group of artisans, outcasts and traders happened to meet at a grimy and ailing flea market in the depths of a Jerzah backwater. Each had been attempting to make a living doing what they loved, and it had brought them... there, exasperated, defeated and poorer than they'd started.

A total of 7 attended that flea market, and one of them was a feracht that had walked in from the rainy street. So there seemed only one thing for them to do: they went and got dakafaced at a local purveyor of (not so) fine beverages. (The feracht was given a bowl of akbaz milk.)

Then they came up with a plan.

Between them they had a black market ship, an enterprising mind, an eye for design, street smarts, connections, and really, really big weapons. Those traders were Hatti Stasny, Ikki Nekil, Heot Mnpa-cero, Gerhart Algar, Kino Nakada, and Fanuihil. The feracht's name is Muff'n.

And thus, The Floating Market was born. The Founders lovingly restored their vast ship and refitted it to be a hub of commerce. They researched the daka out of trade regulations aboard ships. They found loopholes. They exploited loopholes. They bribed some people. It is whispered that, possibly, they murdered some others.

Regardless, the end result is the Floating Market - a bastion of free trade, free speech, and freedom in the stars. There you will find exotic goods as well as common goods, antiques as well as oddities. It is said, in fact, that if it is for sale, you will, eventually, find it at the Floating Market.
The Founders hope you find what you are looking for.

OOC Details:
- When? We'll try to hold it every IG year, but the exact times may vary. The date is random. It will be announced a few days ahead of time, and will occur over at least three days, generally a weekend, if possible.
- Where? The location will change. The Floating Market will appear in space. You can fly in and dock with it or you can take a PTP. It will orbit a different station each IG year, which will be announced.
- What can players do? Players can claim a flea market stall for 50k marks and sell their wares. Honors and titles will be available for shopkeepers. One shop per person. All wares and props will be cleared automatically at the end of the market, so be sure to remove anything from your shop before it resets! We hope for this place to be a hub of roleplay while it is town. Stats for top sales will be announced at the end of the Market!

Players can also purchase things that will only ever be available from the Market. Some goods will be rare. Some will not. There may be only one of some items. The stock may change over the three RL days the market is docked. There is no guarantee you will ever see anything at one market at the next market. You might. You might not. Go in with the mindset that if you want it, buy it. The Floating Market is -entirely changeable-.

The NPC shops at each Floating Market will change every market, as will the NPCs. Sometimes there may be furniture stores. Sometimes there may be flower shops. Sometimes you might see a familiar face there (Genny? Poffy? Who knows!) Sometimes you may not. In the future, there will be quest chains and RP threads that will be Market specific. It's still just starting out, so expect it to gain more functionality and features over time.

(Oh, and you can perform concerts and events there, there is a concert venue and now, a wedding venue!)

Have fun and spend all your marks!
Your friendly neighborhood Soren
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